A rich beautiful widow wanted to hire a helping hand.
She interviewed several people but finally hired a nice young strong gay man because she thought it would be more safe because she is still young and rich.

They were a good team, man was very loyal and worked very hard. After a month of hard work she called the man and asked him to get the afternoon off and to go out and have fun. So he went.

She had her dinner it was 9 pm he was still not there. 11 pm still not there. 12 pm man open the door very quietly and tiptoed towards his room only to find her lying on the couch with a glass of wine.

She said ”Come here!” So very slowly he went.
”Take my shoes off!” He did it very hesitantly.
Then she said ”Take my blouse off!”
He unbuttoned her blouse very softly.
Then she said ”Take my skirt off!” He obeyed.
Then she said ”If you ever wear my clothes again, you are fired”